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Getting Serious About Teen Smartphone Addiction
"Parents don't need a poll to tell them their teenagers are addicted to smartphones. After all," here

Wearable Tech Can Detect Life-Threatening Heart Problems!
"Cardiogram last week announced that it has developed a preliminary algorithm to use with the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices to" here

Google Neutralizes Docs Phishing Scam
"A phishing scam that surfaced earlier this week used Google Docs in an attack against at least 1 million Gmail users.  However," here

Why Is It OK to Abuse Customers?
"I don't know about you but I can't seem to get out of my head the image of that poor Asian doctor who, seemingly unconscious," here

Our Sci-Fi Future: Silly vs. Terrifying
The future is now, or at least it is coming soon. Today's technological developments are looking very much like" here

IBM's Quantum Leap Could Redefine 'Magic'
"No, I'm not talking about that Quantum Leap. IBM just made a really interesting announcement in that it is" here

Crafty Phishing Technique Can Trick Even Tech-Savvy Gmail Users
"Gmail users in recent months have been targeted by a sophisticated series of phishing attacks that use emails from" here