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WPA2 Flaw Could Blow WiFi Systems Wide Open
"A security flaw in WPA2, the security protocol for most modern WiFi systems, could allow an attacker to steal sensitive data" here

Anticipating the Smart World of 2027: A Billion Cameras and AI, Oh My...
"Nvidia went to China last week and made a series of interesting announcements having to do with" here

Companies Cheer Completion of Open-Design Transatlantic Internet Cable
"Microsoft on Friday announced completion of the Marea undersea cable, which stretches 4,400 miles between" here

Russia, Fake News and Facebook: 24/7 Manipulation
"Back when the Internet first came to be, there was the typical set of blue sky and lollipop predictions that" here

Credit Agency Equifax Cracked, 143 Million Consumers Exposed
"Consumer credit reporting agency Equifax on Thursday said it suffered a major criminal data breach that" here

The Smart Home Appliance and You
"The recent rumor that iRobot had engaged in talks with Apple, Amazon and Google parent Alphabet to sell" here