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The Two Sides of the Artificial Intelligence Coin
"The growth of artificial intelligence in recent years has been astounding -- yet AI is still" here

The Internet's Truth vs. Fake News Showdown
"Facebook earlier this week pulled the plug on the official page for Alex Jones, host of Infowars and" here

Did Salesforce Need to Buy Datorama?
"Salesforce on Monday announced a definitive agreement to acquire the marketing analytics" here

A Trade War in the Cloud?
"So far, the looming trade war is limited to actions and reactions related to durable things that" here

How Smart Should a Home Be?
"One of the loudest buzzes in the Internet of Things is around smart homes. Vendors have rushed to" here

Cisco, Dell, and the Race to Make a Better World
"To say we live in troubled times would be an understatement. It often feels like the" here